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Nothing Is Impossible

How does someone take a good business idea, turn it into a viable company, and over time become a national, regional, or global champion?

This is Phuong Tran’s lesson for entrepreneurs and businesspeople around the world. Phuong’s parents created THP, one of Vietnam’s leading companies. They did this through a combination of talent, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time. But there are several guiding principles all companies should abide by if they want to be successful. They seem obvious, and yet many companies fail to adhere to them. And it catches up with them in the end. Phuong explains what these principles are and how to live by them.

With her inspirational and instructive tone, she is the mentor today’s aspiring entrepreneurs (and especially Asian businesswomen) need to show them just what is possible. Her family’s story is proof that no matter how humble your origins, you can accomplish great things with the right frame of mind. It comes down to time-tested moral and business principles—along with vision, talent, and determination, you can achieve your highest dreams, in business, and in life!

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