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Thinking creatively to celebrate milestones during Covid-19

The Greek philosopher Aristotle famously said that “Man is by nature a social animal.” Most of us instinctively understand the psychological benefits of celebrating life’s key milestones with those who mean most to us. The same is true for companies. Having large or small celebrations is a great way to mark the transition from one… [Read the full article]

Do corporate values and working from home sit well together?

One company’s corporate culture will always differ from another’s, but one thing that every company shares in common is the challenge of maintaining core values when staff members are working from home. Western-based companies have generally been grappling with the pros and cons of this issue for the past decade. Even before Covid-19 forced office… [Read the full article]

Rising to the Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic

“Nothing is impossible. ” It’s one of THP’s seven core values and everyone, from the founder through to those on the factory floor, not only knows it by heart but also puts it into practice every day.   At THP, we’re empowered to think differently and encouraged to approach problems with a willing spirit. We strive… [Read the full article]

Meeting the Consumer in the Digital Age

A business strategy in today’s economic environment is nothing without a digital strategy.  Digital transformation is at the center of most business initiatives, and for good reason: the desire to interact with companies digitally is rising exponentially.  The conversation around digital transformation is not a new one; however, it is one that is becoming increasingly… [Read the full article]

The Power of Setting Big Goals

It’s been well-documented from sports to business and everything in between – the practice of visualization can lead to real outcomes of success.  The practice of visualization is often associated with big goals that you want to accomplish but need extra motivation and inspiration to achieve them. Visualization is the act of envisioning a particular… [Read the full article]

Seizing Opportunity When It Presents Itself

Ask any successful business owner how they got to where they are, and no two stories will be the same. Each path to success is so unique; there isn’t a set roadmap that leads to one specific result.  Instead, pathways to success are unpredictable, sometimes unexpected, and are always the result of opportunities seized along… [Read the full article]

If You Believe, It Can Be Done

They say to be a successful salesperson, you need to not only understand your product or service, but you need to believe in it. The same can be said for business owners. If you don’t believe in the products you create, or the vision you have for your products, why would consumers believe in it? … [Read the full article]

Will Your Business Be Around 100 Years from Now?

At the heart of a business’s success is its longevity and ability to transcend generations regardless of societal or global changes.  In a world that is ever-changing and always looking for the latest disruptive company or trend, longevity in business has become somewhat of a unicorn: rarely spotted, but valuable, nonetheless. While some of today’s… [Read the full article]

Why Digital Transformation Must Be a Priority for Your Business

Last year was significant on many levels.  Before a pandemic paralyzed the world, businesses were faced with another major disruption: that of the increasing pressure, need, and expectation for digital integration and transformation across all industries and geographies. The sweeping impact of COVID-19 only exacerbated the need for greater digital efficiency and connectivity in order… [Read the full article]