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How Companies Can Learn Their Market to Boost Growth

This week I will share with you a seemingly impossible feat which has, in fact manifest into reality.  It’s a story of a product that multi-nationals have tried and failed, but with the right understanding of its market, it has become a successful national brand enjoyed by 93 millions people in Vietnam. It’s one of… [Read the full article]

Overcoming Your Obstacles While Staying Positive

Given where THP stands today, it is hard to imagine how difficult it must have been for my parents, Trần Quí Thanh and Phạm Thị Nụ, in the beginning.  It has been their “nothing is impossible” mantra which helps them withstand decades of difficulty to build the internationally successful company that is Tân Hiệp Phát… [Read the full article]

Vietnam’s Entrance into Modern Business

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon as the locals call it), and Da Nang are cities thick with development. I live in Saigon, which has bloomed into a metropolitan city. Its streetscape is constantly transforming with new trendy shops, cafes and restaurants popping up on every corner. Roads are bustling with motorcycles at all hours… [Read the full article]

Fight, Flight, Freeze, or None of The Above

Each and every day we are faced with decisions large and small as they pertain to growing our businesses. These challenges and opportunities require confident decision-making, often elicit varying amounts of stress, causing us to feel as though we need to fight, flee, or just freeze. We can’t predict every scenario we’ll be faced with,… [Read the full article]

Creating Win-Win Business Partnerships

Since the turn of the century, THP has become one of Vietnam’s leading private-sector companies. It has successfully ridden the wave of rising domestic consumption at home and taken its first steps to export abroad. That independent success however, hasn’t eliminated our need or desire to partner with multinationals or other companies. In fact, collaboration… [Read the full article]

Driving your Own Destiny

As a business, no matter your size, there is no reason for you not to be in complete control of your vision as it pertains to your market.  My experience in business is shaped by the evolving Vietnamese business environment which has great potential. Many foreign companies and investors see this potential and want to… [Read the full article]

How My Family Business Turned Down a $2.5 Billion Deal

You read that right, $2.5 billion. It’s the amount of money we walked away from in 2012 when The Coca-Cola Company offered to acquire a controlling interest in Tân Hiệp Phát Beverage Group (THP), the family-owned business my parents founded in 1994. I remember sitting in the glass-encased conference room at Coca-Cola’s headquarters, my head… [Read the full article]

The 4 P’s of Marketing for Products

We’ve seen it firsthand—authentic local products are very hard to competitively beat. This is because they are the only ones that truly adhere to the famous Four Ps of Marketing—product, price, promotion, and place. As many who have attended a business marketing class may recall, each of these “Ps” are essential to a product or… [Read the full article]

The Rise of Entrepreneurial Women

The historical dominance of China means that one of the many issues Vietnam has had to deal with is the Confucian view about a woman’s role in society. When our northern neighbor invaded, Vietnam adopted the Confucian Three Obediences: “tại gia tòng phụ, xuất giá tòng phu, phu tử tòng tử.” “A woman should obey… [Read the full article]