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How Humble Beginnings Can Shape Ethic and Drive

As of 2018, THP is Vietnam’s largest family-owned manufacturer in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods category (FMCG), employing more than five thousand staff members nationwide. We have a 15 to 20 percent domestic market share, ranking alongside multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Japan’s Suntory. In terms of the healthy beverages sub-sector, THP leads the pack… [Read the full article]

Asian Values that Lead to Successful Businesses

Globalization, which propels large multinational companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc., across the world can seem like a powerful, almost irresistible force. This is particularly the case across the emerging and frontier markets where many independent companies like THP may have only recently become national leaders, wondering how they can fend off these global giants… [Read the full article]

Generous Listening: The Importance of Open Communication in a Family Business

Creating, building, and maintaining a business is difficult.  It’s even more difficult when that business is created, built, and maintained by one family.  Effective communication lies at the heart of successful family-owned businesses, which are likely to span several members across different generations. Establishing successful communication amongst family members isn’t always easy; in fact, it… [Read the full article]

5 Tips for Competing with the World’s Largest Brands

Do you think it’s impossible to compete with McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, or Home Depot? Think again. The reality of globalization combined consumers’ desire for localization allows your company to not only grow but compete with the largest companies in the world In the late 1970s, my father and mother became aspiring entrepreneurs. They faced extreme… [Read the full article]

How to Cultivate a Positive Company Culture

To be successful, companies need to care about how their employees interact with each other, with senior management, and with the organization’s customers. A company’s culture determines the longevity of its success.  This becomes more and more important as a company grows and management lines stretch. Combat this tendency by ensuring that the founder’s ethos… [Read the full article]

5 Keys to Growing a Small Business

How does someone take a good business idea, turn it into a viable company, and over time become a national, regional, or global champion?  My parents are a living example of how the combination of several guiding principles, talent, hard work and being at the right place at the right time resulted in national, regional,… [Read the full article]

Always Be Conscious of Your Company’s Environmental Footprint

Our company’s relationship with the markets we serve has always been a priority for THP.  The fact is, caring about your community and giving back as an organization is the right thing to do.  And beyond that, consumers are expecting more and more from the companies they do business with. That relationship can only grow… [Read the full article]