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Four Qualitative Attributes Needed for An Enduring Family Business

Ensuring that any business thrives long-term is a challenge, add the inevitable struggles that come with family, and suddenly, the reality of creating an enduring business becomes daunting.  It is doable, however. Some of the largest, most successful, multinational firms are family-owned. How are these companies able to sustain this success despite rising generations, ever-changing… [Read the full article]

The Importance of Localized Promotion Around the Globe

Globalization can sometimes get a bad reputation. It’s often blamed for the eradication of culture that thrived before the internet and accessible international travel. However, our ability to interact and participate with one another is not something to regret. Instead, globalization needs a different slant. Perhaps its benefits are best realized when participants stay genuinely… [Read the full article]

Four Ways to Set Boundaries in Your Family Business

The concept of yin and yang – or understanding of dualism – is a significant one in the Asian culture. Nowhere is the balancing of two equal, yet different, forces to create good boundaries more appropriate than in a discussion about work and life. It is particularly relevant for family-owned businesses where multiple members of… [Read the full article]

Why Your Company Needs More Female Leaders

I’ve had nothing but positive examples of strong, power-contributing women in my life. Even amongst traditional sexism and discrimination, the women that came before me set an expectation of what I can achieve with hard work and the level of respect I deserve. My paternal grandmother was a strong woman who had no intention of… [Read the full article]

How the Millennial Movement Impacts Business

Vietnam has hit a demographic sweet spot: 50 percent of the population is less than 34 years of age. They represent the millennial movement, a social-media-driven generation, who have had access to anything and everything happening around the globe. Of course, this is the case for this generation on every continent across the world. This… [Read the full article]

Keeping Family Tradition Whilst Staying True to You

Family traditions are what society is built on.  Our heritages, beliefs, and cultural traditions provide purpose and belonging to each of us throughout the world.  These traditions, when intertwined with business can become challenging, as each person has unique personalities and with that unique goals and interests. Just as I see myself a citizen of… [Read the full article]

The Importance of Failing

When one reflects on the success of THP, it’s difficult to not associate that success with the personal traits of my parents. There is no limit to their ambition, and they are relentless in pursuing their dreams. My father literally never gives up. Everything that they believe is encapsulated in THP’s seven core values. The… [Read the full article]

Why You Need to Continually Invest in Your Company

We have a saying in our country, “Đáng đồng tiền, bát gạo.” In English, this literally translates as, “It’s worth spending money and it’s worth trading the rice for.” What it means is that you may have to spend more money, but you will get good value, or get your money’s worth. This principle is… [Read the full article]

How Vietnam’s Economy Went from Poverty to Prosperity

Globalization has its limitations, but there is no doubt it has propelled Vietnam to where it is today. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon, as we call it), and Danang are cities thick with development. I live in Saigon, which is blooming into a world-class city. Its streets are lined with shops selling expensive luxury… [Read the full article]