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Why we should be re-thinking resilience

What do we mean we use the word resilience? It is one of those buzzwords that regularly headlines corporate workshops. Companies spend a lot of money teaching their staff to be more resilient and it is increasingly being taught in schools too. For HR departments, resilience training has become a popular response to well-being surveys… [Read the full article]

Women at Work

At THP, we teach everyone that, “Nothing is Impossible.” It is the very spirit of our company. But unfortunately, it still remains true that when it comes to gender equality, too many women find that there are barriers in place to their advancement. Some of these barriers are visible. A Vietnamese job advertisement may stipulate… [Read the full article]

Why Some Brands Fail?

How do you drink your coffee, if that is, you do? The answer to this question will almost certainly depend on where you live across the world and which culture you grew up in. If you are an American, you have probably become accustomed to grabbing a take-away coffee on your way into work. In… [Read the full article]

How to stay focused in the digital age

At THP, we prioritize technological development because we know that it is the driver of our ongoing success. Technology is helping to make us increasingly more efficient and connected. But there is also a flipside, which we need to be ever mindful of too. Technology means that we are constantly bombarded with emails, messages, app… [Read the full article]

Why trust matters?

Do we trust the leaders of the companies that we work for? The answer is yes according to Edelman’s most recent annual global Trust Barometer. The public relations firm’s 2022 survey makes reassuring and inspiring reading for company executives like myself. And while the report does not include Vietnam as one of its 28 respondent… [Read the full article]

How THP is a shared value company

The Vietnamese people have a long history of philanthropy. Its deep roots are expressed in many of our proverbs such as “Lá lành đùm lá rách”. The literal translation is “healthy leaves envelop torn ones.” And the meaning is clear: help those in need. Many successful Vietnamese companies do just that. They allocate some of… [Read the full article]

The Practice of 4Ds that enables THP’s 4Ps in Marketing

At THP, we talk a lot about the 4Ps in marketing behind every successful brand: the right Product, at the correct Price, aligned to right Place, backed by ample Promotion. We also have our famous six core values, which govern THP’s approach to business. These are all about developing the right attitude to generate results…. [Read the full article]