Our company’s relationship with the markets we serve has always been a priority for THP.  The fact is, caring about your community and giving back as an organization is the right thing to do.  And beyond that, consumers are expecting more and more from the companies they do business with.

That relationship can only grow and be successful if, as a company, we are mindful of the impact our operations have on the community and environment in which we operate.  One of THP’s core values is making sure we are committed to maintaining corporate responsibility to the community and society.  As a result, we seek to:

  • Comply with environmental protection laws and food safety regulations, implement the ISO 14000 and HACCP management systems.
  • Make a positive impact on the community and wider society in all markets where THP does business.
  • Make sustainable development a priority when choosing business partners.

As mentioned above, consumers are expecting more from businesses—as they should.  They are more aware of a company’s processes, where materials are sourced from, and the impact they make, both environmentally and culturally.

There are a number of key principles businesses should adhere to when seeking growth and greater success—recognizing and adopting best practices for your particular industry and products is one of them. These best practices will often help you improve sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing processes.

As your company grows, you will need to understand the impact your products and operations have on each market you enter because it will matter to your consumer, and it should matter to you as well. Look at many successful multinationals and you’ll see how much effort they make to ensure their global brands are the preferred local brand wherever that may be. They do this by fine-tuning their products and their branding messages to have maximum impact based on a target nation’s language, culture, AND environment.

Being aware of your company’s environmental footprint is not only the right thing, but also the profitable thing to care about.  Learn more about the importance of being environmentally aware, as well as other key principles and values, by visiting, www.phuonguyentran.com.