Our family’s mission is to share a culture of leadership, integrity, commitment, and talent so we can build a global business that creates wealth, enhances our family’s reputation, and makes a positive impact on society.

It’s this mission that has influenced the start, existence, and growth of THP’s success as a company.  Our success would not be what it is without the presence of a strong company culture that subscribes to the core values we have established as a company.  At THP, we strive to ensure that our employees live and breathe those core values every day. Each employee can recite the THP values by heart:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. International Quality Standards
  3. Responsible to the Community and Society
  4. Nothing is Impossible
  5. Spirit of Business Ownership
  6. Today is Better Than Yesterday, But Not as Good as Tomorrow
  7. Integrity

These values are remembered and discussed often. They are often woven into the songs they compose and sing when we celebrate the company’s anniversary each year. They are the measures that have enabled our company to develop a cohesive corporate culture.

Truly understanding who you are and what matters most to you is crucial for creating and growing a company with purpose; understanding the importance of building a team is as well.  One individual can change the world, but when a group of individuals work together, the impact is magnified. To be successful, companies need to understand the importance of how team members interact with one another, recognize what motivates those team members, and ensure that there are common goals that inspire and motivate. This is important no matter the size of your company and will continue to be even more crucial – and difficult – as your business grows.

Consider the following areas and how you are developing them in relation to your company’s culture:

  • What is your company’s vision and mission?  Does your leadership team know and embrace them?  Are your employees aware of them and do they know how important they are?
  • What incentives do you have in place for your employees to do their best?  Are they recognized or rewarded for that effort?
  • What is the state of your company’s communication?  Are leaders open with employees and vice versa? Do individuals feel they can contribute, disagree, and offer suggestions?
  • Do your employees feel like they are making a difference either in their position directly or indirectly to the outside world?

Company culture begins with those who were there at the very beginning.  Make it a priority to foster a culture that is an outward representation of what you want your company to be.

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