According to Gallup, 87 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. The companies that are able to effectively engage their workforces outperform their peers by 147 percent in earning per share.

Engaging your workforce is a crucial component of a successful business. When employees are interested and feel invested, they do better work, which results in a better product and service. Finding the right formula for your workforce is one of the greatest challenges that company leadership faces. Each company culture, industry, expectation, etc. is different and with those differences come an array of ways to keep individuals invested.

There are a variety of programs for each business to explore, but ultimately engagement can be boiled down to the following: compensation and true belief in what one is accomplishing.

Employees all over the world are more motivated if they feel they are working for something bigger than themselves. If someone has a sense of belonging, he or she is far more likely to go the extra mile and work with others to achieve it.

Most of us strive for a cause that makes us feel better about ourselves. We encourage this at THP in all sorts of ways, including lighthearted activities that help employees use creativity to focus on our core values. It’s extremely important to us that those who work at THP understand, embrace, and manifest the core values of our business. When they understand the importance of those values—and value them as well—there is unity in the time we spend building the business.

Ultimately, most people come to work because they need to earn a living. It’s important that companies ensure that their compensation is competitive to others in their industry and that they are willing to do what is necessary to show employees that they are valued.

In concert with competitive pay, our experience has led us to value continuous performance measurement and feedback. THP has two evaluation periods each year; one at half-year mark and the other at year-end. This allows managers and employees to keep communication open and allow for continual improvement. Employees at THP know our desire is to help them be the best they can individually be. Personal goals and targets are provided as well as an emphasis on attitude and adherence to our core values.

Whatever your approach, it’s important that the initiatives you implement help employees feel well taken care of monetarily and give them a sense of belonging and purpose—all built on a clear and strong foundation of values. When programs support these needs, employees will naturally become more engaged and help your business reach greater heights. Learn more specifics on how THP has achieved this by visiting, my website.