What makes an effective communicator?

Managing others is all about effective communication. One of the ironies of modern management is that people are often promoted because they are good at a particular set of tasks in their department. It is not because they are good at managing other people. Yet, as people climb up the management hierarchy, the most important… [Read the full article]

Mùa Vu Lan – Vietnamese Mother Appreciation Month

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Vietnam this August, you may see a number of people wearing roses on their shirts or blouses. Some will be wearing red roses and some will be wearing white. The different colours signify whether the wearer’s mother is alive (red) or has passed on (white). These flowers… [Read the full article]

What it means to be Vietnam’s national soft drinks company

This July, the Hong Kong and London-based conglomerate Swire Pacific signed an agreement to purchase Coca-Cola’s bottling and distribution businesses in Vietnam and Cambodia for US$1.015 billion. The acquisition, which is scheduled to complete in the next six months, brought back vivid memories of Coke’s attempt to buy THP back in 2012. We were offered… [Read the full article]

Nothing is Impossible: A Real Life Story

Regular readers will know that THP’s warriors (our staff members) are infused with the “Nothing is Impossible” spirit. This mantra is one of our company’s seven core values: the one that drives us towards our ambition of becoming Asia’s leading food and beverage company. So nothing makes me happier than meeting other people who have… [Read the full article]

Up-skilling: one of Vietnam’s greatest opportunities

Up-skilling: one of Vietnam’s greatest opportunities When my father was a young boy he read avidly, searching for any insights that might help him to forge a happy and prosperous future for himself. One of his favourite authors was the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. And it is one of the latter’s most famous quotes… [Read the full article]

Re-thinking our use of plastic

When it comes to environmental sustainability, we all know that we need to do a lot more to reduce our plastic consumption. The responsibility falls on us as consumers and as companies. It is an issue, which the Vietnamese government takes extremely seriously and one that THP wholeheartedly supports. In recent years, the government has… [Read the full article]

Using the family model to create a thriving workplace

In the late 1950’s, Pope John XXIII famously described the family as the first essential cell of human society, or as we say in Vietnamese: “gia đình là tế bào thiết yếu đầu tiên của xã hội loài người”. Our government has also adopted this phrase as one of  the main slogans for Vietnam Family… [Read the full article]

Creating Positive Energy in the Workplace

Energy is the life force, or qi in Asian cultures, that literally keeps each of us alive. And we all know that people who exude positive energy are healthier and happier too: they live longer and they are the kind of people that we want to be around. It is just the same for companies…. [Read the full article]

Encouraging a learning culture

The theme of this year’s International Human Resources Day on May 20th is “shaping the new future”. It is a topic, which highlights how working in HR is about so much more than hiring employees and managing their benefits. It is about ensuring that every staff member has a clear career path and the opportunity… [Read the full article]

Why family governance matters

If a company wants to grow and remain successful, then it needs good governance: rules, practices and processes that apply to all employees from the board of directors downwards. Everyone has heard of corporate governance, but it is still surprising how many family-owned companies do not have similar rules and processes in place to govern… [Read the full article]