How to Incentivize and Empower Your Employees to Do Their Personal Best

According to Gallup, 87 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. The companies that are able to effectively engage their workforces outperform their peers by 147 percent in earning per share. Engaging your workforce is a crucial component of a successful business. When employees are interested and feel invested, they do better work,… [Read the full article]

The Rise of the Asian Multinational

Globalization has changed business as we know it. This phenomenon has led to the “multinational”—companies whose reach can seemingly take over every inch of the world. While many of these companies have been created with a Western approach to business, Asian corporations are rising, forcing Western-style multinationals to create new strategies when it comes to… [Read the full article]

How Technology Can Help Grow Your Business

Another way to consider this topic—of how technology can help you grow your business – is how the lack of it will not only prevent growth, but possibly hurt your business. Technology is an inseparable part of creating and running a business—at any scale. From telecommunications, customer touch-points, and an online presence, to process-specific systems,… [Read the full article]

How to Cultivate A Positive Company Culture

Our family’s mission is to share a culture of leadership, integrity, commitment, and talent so we can build a global business that creates wealth, enhances our family’s reputation, and makes a positive impact on society. It’s this mission that has influenced the start, existence, and growth of THP’s success as a company.  Our success would… [Read the full article]

Fostering Brand Loyalty

It’s what companies – in the US alone – spend billions seeking to achieve.  It’s what accounts for a good portion of any business’ marketing budget: brand loyalty. Companies all over the world are working tirelessly to win over consumers who are there to stay and who will continue buying from them. In a recent… [Read the full article]

Staying at the Forefront of New Technology

Technology has always been a priority to THP.  Because of this, we have propelled our business to greater heights.  As a company, we’ve always had open discussions on how to best scale up – to be prepared for growth and the next shift in demand.  My father wisely knew that as THP grew, it would… [Read the full article]

Lessons Learned from Working in Vietnam

Looking to the past provides perspective, experience, and wisdom. However, it needs not to define the present nor future. That is the reality of Vietnam and its rise from past decades filled with struggles. Today, Vietnam is a thriving country, attractive to investors, both domestically and globally. Globalization has its limitations, but there is no… [Read the full article]

Tailoring Your Promotion to Your Market – Making It Personal

It is not a business if there is a great product but nobody knows about it. Promotion embraces all methods of persuasion in order to bring awareness to your brand and motivate customers to buy your products. Successful promotion comprises elements such as advertising, public relations, and sales promotion. These elements shift as new generations… [Read the full article]

Three ‘Family Values’ That Should Be A Part of Every Business

There are key elements to any successful company; two of the most important elements include: your product and the people who make your business run.  These people, which may include family members, are the core of your business’ existence.  Together you are working to achieve great things; it’s important that those relationships are nurtured in… [Read the full article]