Embrace Your Successes and More Importantly, Your Failures

Embrace you successes, and more importantly, your failures. They are antonyms, and yet you generally can’t have one without the other.  This symbiotic relationship between seemingly opposite experiences is as necessary and certain as the sun setting before it rises again.  As Winston Churchill once said, “success consists of going from failure to failure without… [Read the full article]

Making the Leap to Compete Globally

For many years THP operated successfully at a local level, leveraging the natural skills of its employees to deliver what was wanted in our immediate communities.  However, to grow, my father realized procedurally things would need to evolve. Through further education, my parents learned about International Standard for Organization (ISO) and immediately they knew THP… [Read the full article]

Seeking Out Win-Win Partnerships

Since the turn of the century, THP has become one of Vietnam’s leading private-sector companies. It has successfully ridden the wave of rising domestic consumption at home and taken its first steps to export abroad. This fast growth should continue, given that disposable incomes are still on a very sharp upward curve. GDP per capita… [Read the full article]

How Entrepreneurs Change the World – And Your Business

The health of an economy at the local and national level has always relied on entrepreneurial activity and growth.  Entrepreneurs, after all, have the power to grow business ideas into successful companies, creating new jobs in the process. Many of the global Fortune 500 entities were once an entrepreneurial dream and small business. Inc.com published… [Read the full article]

How to Decide Whether Your Company Should Take a Buyout

The situation will occur—it almost always does for a company that has found an effective way to deliver the right product to the right customers in the right way. Those are the companies that have connected with their market in a personal way and as a result have been successful, yielding greater growth. That growth… [Read the full article]

The Importance of Localized Promotion Around the Globe

Globalization can sometimes get a bad reputation. It’s often blamed for the eradication of culture that thrived before the internet and accessible international travel. However, our ability to interact and participate with one another is not something to regret. Instead, globalization needs a different slant. Perhaps its benefits are best realized when participants stay genuinely… [Read the full article]

Four Ways to Set Boundaries in Your Family Business

The concept of yin and yang – or understanding of dualism – is a significant one in the Asian culture. Nowhere is the balancing of two equal, yet different, forces to create good boundaries more appropriate than in a discussion about work and life. It is particularly relevant for family-owned businesses where multiple members of… [Read the full article]

Why Your Company Needs More Female Leaders

I’ve had nothing but positive examples of strong, power-contributing women in my life. Even amongst traditional sexism and discrimination, the women that came before me set an expectation of what I can achieve with hard work and the level of respect I deserve. My paternal grandmother was a strong woman who had no intention of… [Read the full article]

How the Millennial Movement Impacts Business

Vietnam has hit a demographic sweet spot: 50 percent of the population is less than 34 years of age. They represent the millennial movement, a social-media-driven generation, who have had access to anything and everything happening around the globe. Of course, this is the case for this generation on every continent across the world. This… [Read the full article]