Why You Need to Continually Invest in Your Company

We have a saying in our country, “Đáng đồng tiền, bát gạo.” In English, this literally translates as, “It’s worth spending money and it’s worth trading the rice for.” What it means is that you may have to spend more money, but you will get good value, or get your money’s worth. This principle is… [Read the full article]

How Vietnam’s Economy Went from Poverty to Prosperity

Globalization has its limitations, but there is no doubt it has propelled Vietnam to where it is today. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon, as we call it), and Danang are cities thick with development. I live in Saigon, which is blooming into a world-class city. Its streets are lined with shops selling expensive luxury… [Read the full article]

Lessons Learned from Growing A Family Business

For many, the notion of “family business” conjures ideas of mom and pop convenience stores or the local restaurant on Main Street. However, that is not necessarily an accurate depiction of family businesses as a whole. In fact, just over half of the 30 biggest firms in 27 developed countries are family-owned, as are 40… [Read the full article]

Corporate Social Responsibility Program and The Community

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It’s a term that has gained popularity with companies throughout the world in an effort to balance the benefit of corporations and the communities they serve. The University of Edinburgh succinctly defines the term and describes its importance in the following excerpt, “CSR aims to ensure that companies conduct their business… [Read the full article]

Listen to The Powerful Voice of Your Consumer

THP’s Mission has always been to produce high-quality and healthy products that comply with international standards and satisfy Asian consumers tastes while meeting our customers’ current and future demands and becoming their preferred partner. In each part of our mission there is a focus on the consumer and their preferences. After all, my father has… [Read the full article]

Why “Teamwork” is Different in Asia

In the West, great emphasis is placed on the word “teamwork.” Beginning in school and into one’s career, individuals are expected to be effective team players and are rewarded for operating effectively within the team dynamic. It’s the subject of courses, studies, and countless articles. While the tenets of the Western concept of teamwork are… [Read the full article]

True Leadership: The Power of Accountability and What it Means

As I touched on in a previous post , true leadership requires a great amount of humility, self-awareness, and self-control. Each of these characteristics contribute to what may be one of the more important aspects of true leadership: accountability. It is always easier to find excuses and far harder to embrace setbacks and mistakes with… [Read the full article]

Working Women In Vietnam

In a post-war Vietnam, there was a huge amount to uproot some of the most oppressive aspects of patriarchy during the middle of the 20th century. Wife beating was publicly condemned, and child marriage was outlawed. Female emancipation was enshrined in our Constitution: “Women enjoy equal rights with men in all spheres of life: political,… [Read the full article]